Is it secure?

Security is an important subject. A subject that we take very seriously.

You can feel certain that you are proposing a change that makes it easier for you and your network while keeping your overall security robust. 

So if your IT department thinks “no, not another software that will open up new loopholes in our infrastructure”, you do not have to worry. You are adding value to yourself, your company and keeping the IT department happy all at once.

The reason is simple: to do what we are doing – we do not need access to any critical data. 

We have even split up the information into two categories.

One part contains public information. 

The second part has sensitive data. 

No one, not even OrganAise has access to that sensitive data. It is something that is only known to the user of the OrganAise and the connected server. As soon as that connections is down – no one can track it.

That is secure.