Portfolio Careers

As we work longer and the nature of work is swiftly changing with innovation and disruption, the need for a versatile and diverse careers is rising.
Ben Legg, writing for the Portfolio collective cites a recent Forbes survey, showing that 71% of high performers (and 50% of all workers) plan on launching a portfolio career. Legg states, there is an increased desire for variety, flexibility, autonomy and multiple income streams.
Portfolio Collective lists a variety of portfolio careers
  • The side hustler: someone who generates income from a side project alongside their main job
  • The freelancer: someone who is self-employed and works for multiple clients on a project or contract basis
  • The multi-hyphenate: someone who mixes a range of diverse projects or jobs at the same time 
  • The focused expert: someone with a highly specialised expertise that they monetise in multiple ways and charge top rates for (fractional leader, interim assignments)

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