Find times to meet instantly

We know how many placeholders that are sent out in calendars everyday by executive assistants and business leaders.

It is unproductive and prevents you from GROWING YOUR COMPANY.

That is why we OrganAise those meeting times in seconds.


It finds times for you

Book meetings with several people in seconds. You can work in different companies, and it works just as well.

Calendar + Social

Instead of talking in one channel and booking time slots in another. We prefer to do it all in the same place.

Is it secure?

Yes. No one can read the content except the user, not even OrganAise.

Be zoomed out

By connecting all your calendars in one place – you will not double-book yourself (accidentally) again.

Use OrganAise like our users

Executive Assistant

Less hunting more building

Start-up and Scale-up

Focus more on Growth

Business Development and Sales

Improve your best Sales Reps

Private Life

Great Relationship Quality

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